Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Welcome to the best place in town! This is where you can find all of our amenities and more. We have great food, fun music events happening constantly plus an excellent casino so players always feel like they’re on top of their game with us

The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa is a AAA Four Diamond-rated hotel that features one of the largest casinos in North America, along with world class entertainment and award winning restaurants.

The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, also known as The Guitar Hotel due to its two guitar-shaped towers constructed on the Hollywood Reservation of Florida’s Seminoles tribe is a resort near Orlando with 40 ha (100 acres) and one hotel tower. It currently houses various amenities including large poker room(140k sq ft),4 acre lagoon style pool facility featuring an event center that can seat up 1 thousand people for concerts or other performances., restaurants from fine dining options available throughout town cuisine tastes like you’re in paradise! There are shops specially curated just for visitors who come here looking forward

The Resort has a 12-story “Classic Hard Rock Hotel” with 469 guest rooms and suites. Guests are greeted by an iconic 50 foot (15 m) tall signature guitar at the entrance of this hotel, as well as one massive LED advertising screen outside in front of our main parking garage! We offer 120 thousand square feet (11 3000m2) meeting space including a 38 500sqft exhibit hall which can host up to 2 1000 people!.

The Hard Rock’s $1.5 billion property expansion project, which added a 450-foot (140 m) tower designed to appear as guitars back-to foot with lights providing imagery of guitar strings and 638 rooms alongside seven story 168 room “Oasis” condo offering views from pool cabanas – all scheduled for opening on October 24th 2019 several months prior Super Bowl LIV being held in Miami next year during Secondly quarter 2020 season at Joan Miro beach area near Port Of Spain*. The new 42000 sq ft *Rock Spa*and over 20 dining destinations will be opened.

If you’re looking for a fun-filled, relaxing weekend in Tampa Bay then look no further than our luxurious resort. Explore the many amenities available including three pools and spa treatments while enjoying some great food at one of several restaurants or hit up any bar within Seminole Hard Rock’s extensive venues!

As seen on TV: The Suite Life On Deck–a show about hotel employees who work incredible hours just so guests can have an amazing time staying here too—is coming soon ( intolerant nature).  With all this entertainment, why wouldn’t I want to stay?

The most luxurious hotel in Florida is the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood. With 13 restaurants, 20 bars and a 4 1/2 acre lagoon-style outdoor pool that overlooks downtown Los Angeles on one side while providing you with music from Las Vegas hotels across town through a speakers system inside your room or at nearby pools – this hotel offers something for everyone! One thing I loved about my stay here? They have free Wi-Fi so nothing can keep me away from checking Facebook.