Pembroke Lakes Golf

If you’re looking for a challenging golf course that will test your skills, look no further than Pembroke Lakes Golf. Owned by the City of Pembroke Pines, this course is in excellent condition and features Paspalum Supreme grass throughout. You’ll have to negotiate fairways lined by lakes and ponds, so be sure to bring your A-game! Even if you don’t hit a 250 yard drive every time, it’s still possible to do well here. So put Pembroke Lakes Golf on your list of must-plays!

Pembroke Lakes Golf is one of those courses that will give you a true test of golf. It’s a great course to play if you’re looking to improve your game and lower your score. The fairways are lined with lakes and ponds, so accuracy is key. But don’t let that discourage you – even if you’re not the longest hitter, you can still do well here. So come out and give Pembroke Lakes Golf a try! You won’t be disappointed.

This is the perfect course for those looking to play a round of golf with some variety. You will not be able to make your choice between tight wooded courses or wide open layouts as there are 6 different designs that offer something in every condition!

The Pembroke Lakes Golf Club provides an experience unlike any other, from its picturesque views atop hillsides overlooking Lake Ontario’s coastlines all the way down onto sandy shorelines near ondah Bay – it really doesn’t matter what kind of weather you’re expecting because these greens never disappoint.

The people of Pembroke Lakes are glad to have such a top-notch course in their town. The new renovations, made by our team at Dedicated City Leaders with input from tee boxes and greenskeepers on what they wanted out of these changes–have been an immense success! We’ve added lakes that provide impressive scenic views while playing through rugged terrain like brambles or sand traps; replaced old tees (which were often worn) tree roots growing inside them making it difficult for balls to hit high overhead come down close by ;rebuilt all irrigation systems so nothing gets sacrificed during rainstorms . Finally there’s drainage work done around every green.

Visit one of the most beautiful courses in South FL at affordable prices. $7 million renovation just last year and it still ranks high on multiple amenities Pembroke Lakes! Book today, before they are all gone. The best time to visit this stunning venue is now while there’re limited tee times available because what happens when you wait too long? The entire complex will be packed with people looking for their chance to play some great golf without having any fun whatsoever.