Miramar Regional Park

Miramar Regional Park is a thrilling destination for visitors to explore and enjoy. The one hundred seventy-three acre park has many attractions, including hiking trails that wind through stands of oak trees or provide glimpses at scenic overlooks along the St Lucie River Estuary.

Miramar Regional Park Features:

ADA Accessible – The ADA accessible course offers a challenge to your senses. It’s not just about learning the material, it is also an unforgettable experience that you will never forget!

Baseball/Softball – What’s not to love about this game? The action takes place on grass with a bat, ball and field. There are two teams that compete for victory by hitting their opponent out or reaching base safely while they’re at it.

BBQ Pit – The BBQ Pit is an amazing place to get your food cooked. It’s large enough where you can cook for more than one person at once, and they have all sorts of different options on what kind of meat! They also provide sides so it will be easy not having any problem when eating here with friends/family.

Cricket – The game of cricket, played between two teams and usually lasting 90 minutes to 3 hours depending on the type. It’s an ancient English pastime dating back almost 500 years ago when it originated as field sports in village greens all over England where people would gather their friends together for some good old fashioned fun

Football Field – A football field is a complex space filled with many interesting features that make it an excellent place for exploring. These include: Goals, crossing paths in various ways such as line jumps or offsides; the end zone which players score points when they reach each respective side (end); Beastly penalties if you cross over into another team’s territory without permission – these can be worth 10 yards depending on how severe your infraction was! And last but certainly not least there.

Pavilion – The Pavilion is a beautiful building that houses many different attractions. There are rides for all ages, including ones with effects such as Soundactive where you can listen to sounds differently depending on your moods or how much noise pollution there may be around! It also offers programming sessions by artists who perform live while they’re still at home – something I always recommend because when it’s really hot outside this way of cooling off becomes essential .

Miramar Regional Park has five beautiful, spacious fields available for rent. Our pavilions are great venues to host your next birthday party or other social gathering from family gatherings and community events all the way up through weddings! Check out this chart below so you can see what fits best with your needs- then give us a call at 954-883 6950 if interested in booking an event today.