Flamingo Lakes Golf & Country Club

The Flamingo Lakes Country Club in Pembroke Pines is one of the area’s best-kept secrets. This challenging but forgiving layout will make it accessible for players at any skill level, with its hilly terrain differing from other Florida courses due to elevation changes that aren’t seen as often on these types of golf course designs (though you’ll still find several tricky uneven lies).

If you’re looking for a challenging course with beautiful views, look no further than Flamingo Lakes Country Club in Pembroke Pines. The 6️ 058 yard golfing paradise features one of Florida’s most dreadfully difficult greens-the 18th! It also has 125 slope rating on Bermuda grass so players can enjoy their game without worry about slipping or falling off due to slippery conditions like many other courses do nowadays since they’ve had too much rain lately which makes it hard enough as it is already but if we were playing today then maybe these tips would come into play.

The par-3 course at Flamingo Lakes has some interesting hazards that will challenge even the most seasoned player. There is water oxide on almost every hole, making this an option for those looking to take their chances with risk reward opportunities! The strategically placed bunkers make sure you’ve got plenty of time before your next tee shot so strategy is key here as well – if not too much emphasis then at least try and think about how best to approach each hole from start to finish . This layout only takes about four hours which makes it easy enough even when playing solo; just pack up quickly afterwards.

The green Fees at Flamingo lakes are affordable and the course is laid out beautifully. It will be difficult for any skill level golfer to beat this gem on their doorstep.

Come play a round of golf at Flamingo Lakes, where you can enjoy challenging course conditions and rolling greens. Annual memberships are available for those who want to play more often or just drop in on occasion; six month passes give anyone the chance to get their game started before annual membership rates go up again! The next time your friends ask why we always say “yes” when it comes down choosing between two options (like getting married vs turning 30), make sure they know these stats: 18 holes – four-playroom; unlimited balls + clubs until hole #2