Extreme Rage Paintball Park

Extreme Rage Paintball Park is the best in all of South Florida! We’ve been serving Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and Miami Dade County since 1997. Our central location makes it easy for you to get here no matter where your destination may be; whether that’s airport access or not (we’re close by). Not only do we offer two different woods with tons of game but also an air field so players can fly around without ever touching ground – how cool!! Finally though what sets us apart isn’t just location: It’s Also our 20 years experience as leaders within this industry- making us experts when it comes down to producing any typing needs.

The air ball field is an X-ball and NPPL field. It’s perfect for both recreational players who want to have fun without the risk of injury, as well as those looking at playing competitively but not wanting any physical contact outside their control (such us paintballers).  We also offer scenario games late at night with smoke machines; grenades thrown into stands set up around our woods area – it’s quite intimidating.

The ER Park staff takes great care to make sure that their fields are set up correctly for every competition, whether it be in the PSP Events League or USPL.

We’re not just about paintballs – we also offer extreme rage experiences for the whole family! Choose from our wide variety of packages and events, including birthday parties or corporate team building exercises. No matter what your taste in games is; whether you want an exciting bachelorette party with prizes awarded at each milestone achieved during gameplay (including challenges such as tug o’ war), some time spent on target practice outside alongside friends & colleagues who have become rivalries born out mutual respect…we’ve got something perfect tailored specifically to meet all needs

ER Park’s rental equipment includes electronic vibes for markers, chest and neck protectors as well a variety of camo jumpsuits. They also have full head shields available at no extra charge with every purchase!  As an added bonus we offer low-caliber paintball guns perfect if you’re new to the game or just want something more kid friendly since they don’t generate much speed on their own so it won’t ruin your accuracy too much even though sometimes those shots do feel like pistons firing up front when shooting them because there isn’t.

ER Park is the best place to experience adrenaline beyond your wildest dreams. With unlimited use of all our equipment, you can play or practice as long and hard as possible without any worries about running out of time! Plus we have a pro shop full if new goodies that will thrill even those who are most familiar with this sport – so come see us today at ER park before everyone else knows too.